Calcium Chloride Tech grade

Calcium Chloride Tech Grade contains different calcium chloride concentration, such as 74-75%, 77-80%, 90-93%, 94-97%.  Different contents have different applications. Weifang Bell Chemical Co., Ltd manufactures all serial of calcium chloride with good quality and excellent service from 2005, and Our ISO system ensures that our high standards are maintained and improved. 


Calcium Chloride DihydrateCalcium Chloride Anhydrous
CAS NO.10035-04-810043-52-4
Calcium Chloride(as CaCl2) ≥74-75%77-80%90-93%94%~97%
Alkali metal chloride(as NaCl)%  ≤5555
Magnesium (as MgCl2)%  ≤
Alkalinity (as Ca(OH)2)%   ≤
Sulphate (as CaSO4)%  ≤
Water insoluble %           ≤
AppearanceWhite Flake,Powder,Granular,Pellet
ApplicationFood,Feed,Desiccant,Oilfield drilling chemical,Deicer…
Calcium Chloride Flake
Calcium Chloride Flakes
Calcium Chloride Powder
Calcium Chloride Powder





Road maintenance

Dust control

Moisture absorbed from the air prevents dust formation

Snow and ice control

Melts snow and ice on road, highway, pavement

Shoulder and base stabilization

Retains moisture which improves compaction of soil

Chemical manufacture

Production of calcium salts

Source of calcium


Cheese, beer, drink 

As a preservative and a firming agent, adjust PH value and flavor


Low temperature concrete additive

Decrease concrete set time 

Soil solidification

Solidifies loose, sandy soils when mixed with sodium silicate

Drying air and gases

Direct drying compound

Removes moisture

Water Treatment 

Waste Water Treatment

Removes Fluorides, Phosphates, Heavy Metals and oily wastes


Dust-proofing and freeze-resisting in ore and coal industry 

Retains moisture; lowers freezing point of water

Paper manufacture

Increases web strength of corrugating media

Provides artificial water hardness for better drainage


Works with fatty acid soaps on recycled paper

Improves dye retention

Provides artificial water hardness that helps set paper dyes


Additive to oil well completion fluids

Increases density

Cementing finished oil wells

Accelerates set of cement

Drilling mud additive

Reduces shale swelling

Drying petroleum fractions

Absorbs water