calcium chloride Feed Grade

Calcium Chloride Feed Grade is used as a feed additive. Feed Calcium Chloride is considered one of the best anion salts for animal feed. It is used to influence the electrolyte balance by modifying it or keeping it stable in order to ensure high calcaemia values during delivery. Feed Calcium Chloride also helps reduce the risk of urinary tract infections and strengthen the uterine muscles.

Bell Chemical manufactures feed calcium chloride in powder and pellet forms. The pellet form has two kinds of particle sizes: 1-2mm and 3-5mm. Our products comply with the GMP + B2, ISO 9001, IS0 14001, ISO 22000, and OHSAS 18001 standards.

CalciumChloride Animal Feed Powder
CalciumChloride Animal Feed Powder
CalciumChloride Animal Feed Pellet
CalciumChloride Animal Feed Pellet
Calcium Chloride Feed Grade Specification(Powder,Mini-Pellet)
Main Content≥94%
Calcium Hydroxide≤0.25%
Water Insoluble≤0.25%
Magnesium Chloride≤0.5%
Sulphate (CaSO4)≤0.05%
Plumbum (Pb)≤0.0005%
Ferrum (Fe)≤ 0.0006%
Arsenic (As)≤0.0003%
Fluorine (F2)≤0.004%
Aluminum (Al)≤0.0005%
AppearanceWhite Pellet, powder
Available pellet sizes1-2mm, 3-5mm
Packaging: 25kg Bags, 50kg Bags, 1000kg jumbo bags, as requested.

2. International trade terms

  • Bulk supply minimum order quantity(MOQ):10 tons.
  • Price: EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF.
  • Payment terms: T/T,  L/C.
  • Delivery time: 10-20 days from PO date.
  • Quality guarantee period: 2 years.
  • Shelf life: 2 years.
  • SGS test: acceptable.

3. Loading quantity:

  • 20 tons-25 tons per 20′ FCL.

4. Packing:

  • PP woven bag with PE film liner; kraft bag; 50lb/bag; jumbo bag; with Pallet based on request. 

5. Storage:

  • Store calcium chloride product in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area. Keep away from water.
  • Do not leave calcium chloride powder on bag surface, in case of contamination.
  • Calcium Chloride is easily hygroscopic, all opened bags should be resealed quickly after use.
  • Under proper conditions, Calcium Chloride will keep for two years.