Calcium Chloride Food Grade

Calcium Chloride Food Grade 77%, 94%, 99%

1. introduction

  • Calcium chloride Food Grade is used as a food additive in both the food and beverage industry. It is a preservative and a firming agent. Spraying fruit and vegetables with calcium chloride increases firmness and shelf life. It’s Generally Recognized as Safe by the US Food & Drug administration when used at recommended levels.
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2. Pictures

Calcium Chloride Flake
Food Calcium Chloride 77%
Calcium Chloride 94-97% pellets
Food Calcium Chloride 94%
Calcium Chloride Flake (2)
Food Calcium Chloride 99%

3. specification

ITEMS Calcium Chloride Food Grade
CaCL2 77%min99%min94%min
CaCl2.2H2O 99%-107% 
Alkalinity(Ca(OH)2) 0.15%max0.15%max0.25%max
Alkali metal chloride(NaCl) 5.0%max5.0%max5.0%max
Water insoluble 0.15% max0.15% max0.15% max
Sulphate (CaSO4) 0.1%max0.1%max0.1%max
As 0.0003%max0.0003%max0.0003%max
Heavy metal (Pb)0.001%max0.001%max0.001%max
Fluorine 0.004%max0.004%max0.004%max

4. Storage and Shelf Life

  • Calcium chloride is a hygroscopic product and should be stored indoors on pallets at normal temperatures. If stored properly, the maximum shelf life is two years

5. Applications of Food Calcium Chloride

Calcium chloride can be used as a food additive. It is used in salt processing to add a salty taste to pickles and other foods without increasing sodium content. Spraying fruit and vegetables with calcium chloride increases firmness and shelf life.  Calcium chloride in food is extremely common, as it’s a preservative that is used throughout in both the food and beverage industry.  It’s also recognized as safe by the US Food & Drug administration when used at recommended levels.

  • Canned Food

Fundamentally calcium chloride is a desiccant,  It is often used as a firming agent in the food industry.  It helps foods from becoming mushy – particularly canned foods. Almost all canned fruit or vegetable use calcium chloride, which helps extend the shelf lives of those foods.

  • Cheesemaking

calcium chloride is commonly used when making cheese.  Firstly, it works as a firming agent – helping the cheese curds clump together and be more stable.

Beyond that, it’s also highly useful for regulating the process of separating curds and whey.  Small amounts of calcium chloride can be added to milk, changing both its calcium content and its pH level, which in turn will change the properties of the cheese which is made.

  • Brewing Beer

Calcium chloride is also seen among brewers, as one of many “brewing salts” which can be added to affect the type and quality of the beer.  It can help correct for unbalanced mineral levels, and alter the pH of the beer.  This is vital for creating a stable product!

  • Many other applications of food calcium chloride can be discovered…

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