Weifang Bell Chemical Co., Ltd is a large top professional Calcium Chloride manufacturer in China. We manufacture high-quality various specifications of calcium chloride to meet customers’ requirements for different applications, such as food, feed, oilfield, deicing, desiccant, and so on.

Bell has two factories and more than 180 employees. Its first factory was founded in 2005 to produce 74-75% and 77-80% dihydrate calcium chloride. In 2015, we built the second factory to make 90-93% and 94-97% anhydrous calcium chloride. The new plant was designed to adopt the most advanced production process to improve quality and efficiency. A self-developed automatic packing system was equipped to decrease environmental pollution and protect workers’ health.

Now our annual production capacity is more than 120,000 tons: 74-75% and 77-80% Dihydrate Calcium Chloride (40,000 tons); 90-93% and 94-97% anhydrous Calcium Chloride Prill/Pellet/Granular( 70,000 tons); Food and Feed Calcium Chloride(10000 tons). 

Bell strives to provide high-quality products and excellent service through its professional knowledge and competitive prices. Please get in touch with us for more information.

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